Breaking into a market with your first home purchase can be a stressful process. It doesn't have to be anymore.

Mortgage Broker Chris Adkins has 15 years of experience providing mortgage advice to first time home buyers across the Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. They will be your guide through the whole process to make sure you get the deal you deserve.

Want to build wealth through real estate as part of a tool to build stock portfolio?

We empower you to establish yourself as a real estate success.

You'll learn to leverage the best tools and expertise to build your wealth.

First, we build your equity. We use your home to build serious wealth for you and your family. Next, we accelerate your wealth. You'll soon learn how to use other people's money to build your portfolio.

Four reasons why you need the services of a mortgage broker:

Access To The Best Deals
We access lenders and rates that banks don’t offer you. These lender’s rates and mortgages can only be provided through the services of a mortgage broker.
Most Competitive Rates
We negotiate on your behalf so that you achieve the most buying power possible.
Save Money On Rates
Banks make their profits from charging outlandish users fees. You're also at risk of harsher penalties and higher interest rates, costing tens of thousands of dollars over the span of your mortgage.
Get A Team Working For You
We are on your team. Our services are free to you. We're paid by the lenders who grant you your mortgage. When we negotiate on your behalf, it is our mandate to provide you with the best rates possible and ensure you're getting the right mortgage for you.
"Chris helped my wife and I buy our first condo.

Since the beginning Chris has been a top pro, keeping in touch and sending lots of info our way, allowing us to keep up with ever changing trends. Throughout the Covid-19 challenges, Chris has been several steps ahead, making seeking assistance easy for my family. We are looking forward to working with Chris again soon!"

-Patrick Coyle, Vancouver

Are You Looking To Buy Your First Home?
We understand the stress that comes from trying to break into the market

You're about to take a big step. It's one that will affect your financial future.

When it comes to making big decisions like these, it's best to get as much information as you can from an expert you trust.

Chris and Jake always give you the facts your bank won't tell you about financing your first purchase. Beginning with a consultation to understand your needs, we'll help you find out how much you can afford before you go house hunting, this will keep you focused on shopping for homes within your price range.

No matter your financial situation, we help you find the best rates on the market and present the best mortgage options available to help you buy your first home.

You Don't Have To Struggle Through This Critical Process Alone
Work with a mortgage specialist who will give you the right plan to your investment.
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