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 At AHA Mortgages, we take pride in providing exceptional service, and building long lasting relationships.  We have a deep understanding of the real estate market and lend our expertise to ensure you have the information you need to create a plan that is 100% tailored to you.

Chris Adkins understands the anxiety of feeling like you do not know enough to make a wise decision.
He is an expert guide who will help you make excellent decisions at every step of the journey while providing an unparalleled mortgage experience.

 With an entire career dedicated to the financial services industry, 15+ years as a dedicated Mortgage Expert, and years of experience as a real estate owner and investor, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the table.  As a perennial top-performer Canada wide, and TMG’s “Rising Star” Award recipient for 2016, Chris has brokered thousands of deals.   A true “Super Connector”, and tremendous client advocate, Chris treats his clients like family and has created long-lasting friendships out of countless transactions.  Outside of work, Chris loves to stay active playing hockey, beach volleyball and golf, and enjoys experiencing all Vancouver has to offer with his partner, Elisa, and their dogs, Raisin and Ella.

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Whether it’s your first home, refinance, or another investment property, Jake is a firm believer that education and planning are the keys to meeting your goals.

After beginning his career in culinary arts, Jake left the service industry after his son was born and returned to his original field of study in business and finance.  Recognizing that homeownership seemed like just a dream to most of his peers, while understanding that owning a home is the most common path to long term financial security, he became a Mortgage Professional to make this “dream” real for himself, and for his clients.  Now with 6+ years of experience as a Mortgage Expert, receiving TMG’s 2019 “Rising Star” Award, and helping countless clients achieve their real estate goals; he focuses on educating his clients throughout the mortgage process to ensure the right decisions are made, without limiting their long-term plans.  In his free time, Jake coaches minor lacrosse in Port Moody, and spends as much time as possible hiking and camping with his partner, Ashley, his son, Lee, and their dog, Kaya.  

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The Benefits Of Working With A Team

Around the Clock Service
Our team will work around your schedule to make sure you close on time. With AHA, you always have someone you can call.
Shared Strengths
As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. We take the team approach to ensure you find the best program for you every time.
Relevant Information Matters
With so much information online it's hard to know what to believe. Our mortgage experts are committed to getting you the right answer for your unique situation.
AHA Mortgages is a team-based Mortgage Brokerage based out of Vancouver, B.C.

We operate out of The Mortgage Group’s Head Office and have been working exclusively as Mortgage Brokers for twenty years.

Whether it’s helping clients with their residential and commercial property purchases, or refinancing their existing home(s) with lower rates and/or debt consolidation to improve monthly cash flow, our expertise helps clients improve their financial situation with the right advice.

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