COVID-19 has changed the way we go through our lives, from wearing masks, physical distancing, and frequent hand washing to rethinking our workplaces and working from home. What’s also changed is how we purchase new homes, and how those homes are financed, as well as changing guidelines for renewals and refinancing. 

Now, more than ever, working with a mortgage broker may be your most valuable asset. 

The real estate and mortgage industry has always been a competitive business. Lender policies change and interest rates fluctuate. Some borrowers are self-employed, some are new to Canada -- there are many different scenarios, which can add a wrinkle to getting financing. 

The benefit of competition is that it gives you choice. With historically low interest rates, it’s easy to shop the market to find a low advertised rate, whether from your local bank or from a mortgage professional. However, mortgages are not as simple as finding the best rate, and with COVID-19, qualifying and financing can be a bit more challenging.

Many of you will research online, and we encourage that. It’s important for homebuyers to educate themselves about mortgages -- each situation is as unique as each borrower, and each needs a unique strategy.  Each lender has unique terms and conditions that may or may not work in your favour. 

In addition to straight home purchases, brokers work with clients who refinance to consolidate debt, who are looking to purchase second homes, and who are looking for the best options at renewal time; and brokers help clients make property-related investment decisions.

By working with a licensed mortgage professional such as myself, you have a trusted adviser and problem solver. We make sure we understand what you want and what you need – both your financial goals and your personal goals – and not just in the short term.

Here are just a few of the benefits you get from working with a mortgage professional:

  • Get independent advice on your financial options. Our goal is to help you successfully finance your home or property. 
  • Save time with one-stop shopping. We work directly with dozens of lenders, and can quickly narrow down a list of those that suit you best.
  • We negotiate on your behalf. Brokers negotiate mortgages every day on behalf of clients. You can count on our market knowledge to secure competitive rates and terms that benefit you.
  • Things move quickly! Our job isn't done until your closing date goes smoothly. We help ensure your mortgage transaction takes place on time and to your satisfaction, whether it’s a purchase, a refinance or a transfer.
  • Get expert advice. When it comes to mortgages, rates, and the housing market, we’ll speak to you in plain language. We can explain the various mortgage terms and conditions so you can choose confidently.
  • No cost to you. In most cases, there's absolutely no charge for our services on typical residential mortgage transactions.

As your trusted mortgage professionals, we will continue to offer you ongoing support and consultation throughout the life of the mortgage.

Simply put, we are here to help.

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