Buying a Home in Vancouver

Are you considering buying a home in Vancouver? AHA Mortgages is a team-based mortgage brokerage based in Vancouver, B.C, helping clients with their property purchases. With over 20 years of experience, we offer the best Vancouver real estate advice to improve your financial situation.

What does it take to buy a house in Vancouver?

Buying a home in Vancouver can be a tedious process, but having the right information can help you avoid setbacks. If you are looking for a guide to buying in Vancouver, here is a list of steps involved in the process:

Step #1 - Check your credit score - Your credit score determines your ability to secure a loan and specific rates. Ideally, you must have a score of 650 and above to secure a loan at the best interest rates.

Step #2 - Determine your affordability - Remember that you must have at least 5% of the total price to put down for downpayment if this is your first time buying a home.

Step #3- Find a lender, get pre-approval, and find a realtor - You need to look for potential lenders and get pre-approved to know the maximum amount you can borrow. Once you have a pre-approval letter, you should start searching for experienced realtors to help you find a house.

Once you finalize on the house, you must go to your mortgage broker and finish the loan approval process. Seeking financial advice from one of the top mortgage brokers before you buy start looking at houses can help you make the best real estate investment decision.

How we make buying a house in Vancouver easy?

We primarily help you to pick a mortgage product that best suits your lifestyle and needs. We are licensed professionals, and we specialize in helping you compare different mortgages and allow you to find the best option. We have excellent ties and relationships with lenders across Vancouver, which enables us to connect you with those that offer the cheapest rates, best terms and conditions, and with fewer fees.

Furthermore, we will also help you understand the fine print and confusing jargon on the mortgage documents and assist you in filling out the paperwork. Our expertise, guidance, and advice can set you up for a smooth home buying process.

Top reasons to choose us to buy real estate in Vancouver, BC

We have helped thousands of clients in Britsh Columbia buy their dream home at affordable prices by connecting them with the best lenders and helping them choose the right mortgage product. You do not have to pay us for our services unless you have a “non-prime” mortgage. Our access to rates from mortgage finance companies and banks across Canada can help you find the best product that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Are you looking for homes for sale in Vancouver? Contact Adkins Healey & Associates today at 604.617.4200, and we can help you build a brighter future. AHA Mortgages is one of the best mortgage broker firms with an experienced team that can assist you with buying a Home in Vancouver.